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The server official opening 3-06-2023 Gift codes on our fb page

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The server officially open
<< WorldOfMu-Mobile Mu private server 2023>>

WorldOfMu Server Information

Server:[🟢] | Download: [🟢] | Client APK: [🟢] | egister in-game: [🟢]

Contact Discord: HardMode#2424

Free VIP & Diamonds, 99%Exp & Drop, Active events

APK Is avalable for download Create accounts in game

World Of Mu Free VIP Free Diamonds and goods
Start a new private server

Official opening 3-06-2023 at 20.00 Uk time

Server Owner: George.S

Fast Support on facebook

World Of Mu
Game Presentation!
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Responsive image
WorldOfMu-Mobile private server 2023 Announcement: Official opening 3-06-2023 at 20.00 Uk time
WorldOfMu Mu-Origin 2023 p-server

WorldOfMu-Mobile GamePlay

DROP 100% ExP
Server Start Events
Free Diamonds
Free Start Goods

Mu Online on Mobile!


A classic game, shining once again on mobile. Based on the original Mu Online, that most MMORPG players already know, Mu Origin is successful port to mobile devices. The mobile game sticks to the original 3D design with some visible improvements, yet still manages to capture that original feeling of raw power. It's action packed, has a great quest line, has countless ways to progress, has wings and has a ton of events and, well, it's just fun to play!

Unlimited Diamonds

We've implemented a diamonds per minute system to reward you for staying in-game. We have also added unique benefits to our User Center. So you can experience a true free to play game.

Check our Newest GiftCodes And Events

Obtain a lot of adventages using our exclusive GiftCodes and participating on our events. You will obtain special items like titles, consumables, Tier Sets, Weapons and much more.